Gallery of Limited Edition FINE ART PRINTS- 


Neil now offers high quality reproductions of his original paintings , signed and numbered.

Produced by the Giclée process on special fine art paper, pure papers,  ph neutral or only slightly  alkaline, 100% cotton, which provide the highest possible permanence and durability.

Additionally one can choose a  Canvas reproduction mounted on stretcher bars in a traditional manner
For more information regarding these two possibilites, please contact the  web
GraficArtPrints Impresión Digital Fine Art,  Barcelona, Spain

The digital print process known as giclée, is based on the application of tiny drops of inks pigmented with  UltraChrome on Epsons large scale printers; Stylus Pro. This system is capable of producing beautiful continuous tone and luminous pure colours, on a large scale, something which was impossible with the older lithographic process,until now that is.
Furthermore each print is accompanied with a signed and numbered Authenticity Certificate and two special holograms.  This document is certainly recommended since it is of particular use for collectors, and Museums and gives an extra stamp of quality to the work of the artist..




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